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Paul started his business specialising in the classic, air cooled Porsches.If form is temporary but class is permanent, the Porsche 911 is pure class. Associations with the 1980s excess have long faded but the beauty of the machine goes on

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Luxury quilted leather upholstery. Classic looks with modern practicalitySeptember, 1963 and Porsche launches its new sports car, the 901, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The car that was to become the iconic 911 was designed by Ferdinand “Butzi” Porsche, son of the company founder Dr. Ferry Porsche. Who could have guessed that this would become one of the most celebrated and coveted marques in automotive history?

This special combination of cultural heritage and design genius has held a singular fascination for serious car enthusiasts and designers for decades that continues to this day. Would Saga Noren in the Scandinavian drama ‘The Bridge’ be the same character driving any other vehicle? We think not.

Paul Stephens is a lifelong car man, a petrol head with the ability to build and race the very best sports machines. He is also an astute businessman, one with the enviable knack of being able to sense the “zeitgeist” and in 1994 Paul started his business specialising in the classic, air cooled Porsches. It was good timing. His rise has mirrored that of the value of these sought after automobiles.

Based in North Essex Paul Stephens has built a reputation amongst Porsche devotees based upon infectious enthusiasm, knowledge and integrity. A call to Paul will ensure that you get to share the experience that he has accrued from his decades of dealing with Porsches of all types. The core of his business is meticulous, not to say obsessive restoration and re-engineering of classic 911s. An obsession with quality is no bad thing when these beautiful machines can be up to fifty years old


Paul Stephens is a lifelong car man, a petrol head with the ability to build and race the very best sports machines.


PS Classic M471 LightweightPS Classic TouringThe 911 has become an iconic object of desire. Compact and beautifully proportioned, the 911 2.2, 2.4 and 2.7 models from 1970 to 1973 are probably the prettiest cars Porsche has ever produced. It is these cars that have become the focal point for Paul Stephens’ “PS Autoart”, a range of bespoke cars featuring timeless style combined with modern engineering and performance. Hand built and specified in consultation with their future owners, who come from across the globe, these cars, with modern warranties, mean guaranteed peace of mind. The PS Autoart range of 911’s consists of four main derivatives.

The “PS Classic Touring” faithfully captures the appearance of these beautiful sports cars and like the original is available in Coupe or Targa with T,E or S variants. Meticulously engineered with a range of power options and enhanced for daily use this model never lets you forget you are driving a thoroughbred.

A 1973 Porsche Carrera RS is the most desired 911 ever. Originally supplied in M471 Lightweight and M472 Touring form it’s legendary status has ensured that most examples are too valuable to be used as daily cars. The “PS Classic M471 Lightweight” combines the distinctive appearance of the original together with obsessively engineered, modern performance enhancements to make sure it outperforms the original in every way.

The “PS Retro Touring” model blends subtle, timeless design together with an exhilarating, modern driving experience and features a 250 bhp engine, coil sprung suspension with aluminium wishbones all round, power steering and ABS. Available with manual or tiptronic transmission and specified with natural style as standard.

Top right: PS Retro Touring R,  Right: PS Retro Touring

For the more discerning enthusiast the “PS Retro Touring R” offers styling with subtle flared arches over 17” Fuchs inspired wheels, twin exhausts and a deep front spoiler to give the “Touring R“ an aggressive road presence. Power options from 250 bhp to 390 bhp, tuned sports suspension and RS specification brakes ensure superb driveability. A bespoke, luxury leather interior with aluminium fittings completes the specification.

For those more interested in originality Paul also offers perfect and correctly restored Porsches where time has been turned back to the moment they first rolled off the production line – whenever that was!

So what are you waiting for? You know you’ve always wanted one. What you probably don’t have is the years of the experience, passion and vision needed to create your own bespoke Porsche 911. Paul Stephens does. Perfectly.

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