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Two Go On The Tiles in Valencia

ONE17’s very own interiors specialists Hannah Lunn and Kerry Doyle had the opportunity recently to enjoy guided tours of the 8 factories in Valencia, Spain where Porcelanosa, one of the world’s most recognisable tiling specialists, manufacture state of the art porcelain which is then  distributed and retailed in 143 countries around the globe.


Despite having specified Porcelanosa products on numerous projects, this was the first time either of the women had seen how the products were made – and to understand the vast scale of the operation. Over 9 million m2 of ceramic tiles are produced each year from the 8 facilities that cover an area of more than 600,000m2. That’s the equivalent of 70 football pitches!


The company is aware of its environmental responsibilities and 100% of waste water and waste material from the process is recycled. Moreover during the next couple of years the company is building a further plant which they say will be the most advanced and efficient in the world.


Porcelanosa’s Alfredo Fornes, who led the tour for our inquisitive designers said "This is an ambitious project with a clear purpose: offer to our customers the best product, made with the best available technology with minimal enviromental impact generated in the production process".


Hannah and Kerry are already looking forward to a second tour…