Putting together a magazine is a challenge for a graphic designer. Putting together Notes is no exception. The look of this magazine you are reading is largely the work of the two talented designers who operate at the sharp end of ONE17 GRAPHIC: Alan Hardy and Nathan Clegg. In addition to undertaking all the design and layout for Notes they also produce artwork for several of the advertisers, and commission and direct many of the photographs that we use.


This is over and above their day job as general graphic designers handling branding, stationery, brochures, websites, marketing materials and all sundry of other work for external clients. They’re proud to work with a huge spectrum of clients from local high schools, solicitors, healthcare professionals right through to international brands such as F1 in Schools and Land Rover 4x4 in Schools Technology Challenge. At the heart of their success is building close relationships with their clients enabling them to achieve positive outcomes. For example, when the renowned Mrs Sunderland Music Festival, held annually in Huddersfield since 1889 except for one short break in 1940, needed an update to its image, ONE17 GRAPHIC were approached to provide the rebranding for the event, making it more relevant to its audience and participants. “This is no small undertaking to re-launch such a well established organization, but one we were excited to tackle and one that really brings home the need for good design and a clear insight of markets and trends to really connect with the end users”. relates Nathan. The Chairman of the Festival’s Executive Committee, Ray Brown, noted that “There has been a distinct increase in demand for the Festival this year, an increase of 17% on last year and in excess of 3,500 performers will pass through our doors during this Festival. Whilst it is hard to put a finger on the reason for the increase, I believe that the website and its design, plus the design of documentation, programmes etc, plus social media, have had a material effect. My feeling is that ONE17 GRAPHIC and Nathan in particular have been very instrumental in the upsurge of fortunes of the Festival.”


The contrasting and complementary strengths of the two men, whose paths had crossed throughout their early  education before they came together at ONE17 over » 20 years ago are often highlighted, Nathan explains: “My strengths are very much in the detail and design balance of our work, but Alan has a distinct advantage in that he is a tremendously talented illustrator whereas I have a complete inability to draw.” Alan confirms that “After twenty years, I haven’t yet seen Nathan's illustration skills but he may be just keeping his powder dry!” Alan chuckles. “I was always drawing as a child and spent much of my early years recreating well-known characters from popular culture. I gathered a good cupboard full of competition mugs and a Blue Peter badge for my efforts.” This talent has been put to excellent use along with his design skills in ONE17 GRAPHIC's work for schools, health authorities and so on where the ability to convey a strong message in a graphic image with the need for the minimum of words has proved highly valuable. A good example of this type of work is the range of beautifully illustrated parenting and educational resources, for the ‘Caring for Kids’ brand.


So as friendly rivals from a young age and right through their education (they shared a passion for the Mini and each ran one whilst at college; Alan admits Nathan’s was superior but puts this down to the engineering skills of Nathan’s father tinkering into the early hours with camshafts and carburetors) they saw the opportunity at ONE17 to pool their talents and have not looked back. Which is not to say they don’t maintain their separate personalities: Alan’s dreams of being a musician or appearing in any Star Wars movie (please get in touch) are not shared by Nathan who has an unhealthy obsession with coffee and everything cycling, wonders what could have been if he'd pursued a career on two wheels.

Notes magazine doesn't design itself.  Meet ONE17GRAPHIC's two talented designers and find out what else they do.



"ONE17 GRAPHIC and Nathan in particular have been very instrumental in the upsurge of fortunes of the Festival."

“Alan, just a quick note to say a huge thank you for turning around the PwC*Accounting booklet for us so quickly - it’s an absolute masterpiece and we, and PwC, were blown away by the quality. Thank you for working so hard for us and for completely understanding our crazy business.”


Claire Warwick, TEAM ACTIV creating innovative projects and events, developing high performing teams, culture and a better world.

*Price Waterhouse Coopers

Alan finds his own children now seem to take the same pleasure he used to do when presented with a set of coloured pencils or felt-tip pens and a large blank jotter. Nathan continues to use what he describes himself as his slightly OCD tendencies to good use, as he also oversees the manufacturing process of ONE17’s in-house furniture and homeware brand DYEHOUSE, where attention to detail is paramount to achieving the highest quality of production and finish.We have yet to find a graphics task that these two cannot pool their talents to solve in an original, current and engaging manner. Notes magazine and DYEHOUSE are just two showcases for those talents.


Whether it’s a meticulous eye for detail or beautifully illustrated media, may ONE17 GRAPHIC be able to provide a service for you? We’ll get the kettle on.


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