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It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the ninth issue of Notes, the ONE17 magazine.

Welcome to another issue of Notes. This issue takes us on a road trip round Germany, cat skiing in Canada and a look around the wonderful Swedish capital, Stockholm.

We gain an insight into the interior designer’s working methods and celebrate a great Yorkshire institution. We learn how the garden in autumn and winter can give pleasure just as it does in spring and summer, and we get an insider’s view of an art gallery dedicated to a great British sculptor. No, it’s not Henry Moore.

And lots more besides. NOTES is not a 'brochure' for ONE17 Architects & Interior Designers; it aims to be an interesting read and to introduce people outside our industry to the wonderful world of design in all its facets without resorting to jargon and obscuration. It’s about things that interest us and things that we hope might interest you.