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It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the eighth issue of Notes, the ONE17 magazine.

Welcome to another issue of Notes. In a very full edition one or two themes seem to run through a number of articles: there is twist, which crops up in our feature on the great fashion designer Paul Smith (page 91) as well as the North Yorkshire company giving the venerable Land Rover Defender yet another lease of life (page 103). We also see how ONE17 puts a new twist on the construction process with our contract management service – see our article on Bleak House (page 38).


Home is another theme to be found in a number of articles, albeit from different standpoints. Read about how Razan Alsous handled having to leave her home (page 82), how photographer Olivia Hemingway first moved away from and later returned home (page 10) and the tragic consequences of leaving home, in many cases for the first time, in Andrew Hulme’s piece on the First World War battlefields (page 48).

We take you to Vienna and the Seychelles but also extol the pleasures of local food and a fortress of design in the heart of West Yorkshire, plus many other features. In fact we hope there is something in this issue to interest nearly everyone and if you like the look of Notes, read about our graphic design team who put it all together (page 6). All of us at ONE17 look forward to bringing you our next issue later this year.