Est. 1960


The joy of making things:

how sketches can be made solid by a magic box.

Keeping up with technological developments in the construction industry is a major part of our lives. Improving insulation standards, ‘green’ technologies generally, led lighting, high performance glass, mechanical ventilation heat reclaim units (MVHR) – the list goes on and on.


Within the office, most recent advances have centred on computer aided design (CAD) with updated software packages being released every week. However, one piece of new technology is making its presence felt at ONE17: a 3D printer. Looking like a cross between an autoclave and a microwave, our newest piece of kit is proving amazingly useful. Architectural models and prototypes for some of our Dyehouse pieces such as candle holders, hooks and handles can be produced surprisingly quickly – although it would be wrong to say we did not have teething problems!


It is the integration of computer design software with technology that makes things – already seen in many areas of manufacture – in a drawing office context that is sparking a new era for us.