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Good News!

£200,000 donated by ONE17 Architects & Interior Designers to support

local charities and individuals in need.

Since the launch of their Charitable Trust just eight years ago ONE17 Architects & Interior Designers have now given in excess of £200,000 to support a wide range of local charities, individuals in need and projects for young people. But it’s not just about the money donated. ONE17 also give many hours of in-kind business support to smaller charities and community groups. They are formal partners with a number of local schools and are actively involved in supporting projects to enrich the lives of young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.


The Trust doesn’t have an application form. Instead, Trustee and Head of Community Liaison for the office, Caroline Lee goes out to meet people, establish what is needed and how ONE17 might be able to help. “This process not only improves our awareness, but it also helps us to foster long-term relationships,” said Caroline. “Over the last eight years we have met some amazing local people and it is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to support their work.”


Not everyone is lucky in life; having an opportunity to do something about that, no matter how small, is one of the great privileges of running a business. We have taken the maxim ‘Charity Begins at Home’ as a motivation to look on our own doorstep and try to make a difference,” said Partner and Trustee Kevin Drayton.


For further details on the work of the ONE17 Charitable Trust please contact